Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage will let your body slip into bliss and your mind escape into tranquillity, with a Relaxation Massage from Mornington Peninsula Massage Therapy. Long smooth strokes across your back, and a gentle kneading of your muscles, will release tension from your body, and you help you reach a deep state of calmness.

A Relaxation Massage has less focus on resolving chronic muscle issues or pain, because this would require deep tissue work that can be uncomfortable, whereas the goal of a relaxation massage is to rest and unwind. The soothing strokes, and pressure adjusted to your liking, will lower your breathing rate, which reduces blood pressure, feelings of stress, and encourages overall relaxation. It can also ease minor muscle pain, while improving circulation and stimulating the nervous system, which increases energy and physical wellbeing for days after your massage.

Your massage will be conducted on a padded massage table, with premium massage oil blends, and luxury soft touch towels. We play soft music in the background to generate a serene and peaceful environment, and allow your mind and body to fall into complete relaxation.

If you want to feel pampered and luxurious, or want a respite from the world, this is the massage to choose. It is also the perfect massage for special occasions and events, such as a hen’s party, wedding anniversaries, an indulgent weekend away, or a romantic couple’s weekend. A Relaxation Massage with us will make your visit to the Mornington Peninsula unforgettable, and give you a sense of wellbeing and elation for the remainder of your holiday.

Relaxation Massage
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