Hot Salt Massage

You’ll never forget your first Detoxing Hot Salt Massage with Mornington Peninsula Massage Therapy, because the incredible sensations of the heated salt bars against your skin is bliss. The heat of the large Himalayan rocks will spread across and deep into your muscles as they lightly exfoliate your skin.

Not only does it feel amazing, indulgent, and compels you to relax, the salt has other remarkable health benefits. At Mornington Peninsula Massage Therapy we use the finest large rocks, sourced from the Himalayan foothills, one of the purest salts on earth. Rich in minerals, the salt detoxifies and repairs the skin, returning the skin to a balanced pH level, and stimulating cell growth. After a treatment, your skin will feel soft, smooth, and invigorated.

Salts can stabilise our mood, improve emotional health, decrease stress, and heal the body, because it naturally creates negative ions. Most of us are in need of negative ions to counterbalance the positive ions, and feel wholesome again.

The ultimate treatment for all skin types, from dry to oily. If you have dermatitis issues, sensitivity to fragrances and chemicals, or acne prone skin, you will see the benefits. The salt will kill bacteria instantly, which will remove odours from your body, while deterring the development of new bacteria, and therefore is effective at healing athlete’s foot, other skin infections, and strong body odour.

Thus, the Detoxing Hot Salt Massage can assist in the healing of Acne; Dandruff; Eczema; Psoriasis; Viral, fungal or bacterial skin infections; Dermatitis; Athlete’s foot; strong body odour; and superficial wounds. Can you believe that one treatment can do so much and feel so good? If you don’t believe us, come try for yourself, you won’t regret it. Let the warm salt relax your muscles, repair your skin, and have you feeling on top of the world.

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Salt Rock Massage
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